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Citrus Scent Balls

Mr. Rebates

An easy and refreshing way to add fresh citrus and herbs to your home. This recipe was inspired by Old Edwards Inn, a spa-retreat in the Highlands area of North Carolina. See the video from Old Edwards here.

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  • Citrus, hollowed out to leave just the rind
  • Fresh herbs
  • Sea Salt


  • Chop fresh herbs
  • Mix into sea salt — you can mix all the herbs together or create separate scents depending on your citrus (lemon/sage, lime/mint, grapefruit/rosemary, etc)
  • Scoop herb infused sea salt into citrus rinds
  • Place on a plate or in a bowl. The sea salt will dry out the herbs and citrus extracting the scent.

Posted by Kids Cook on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

See the original video for this recipe here.

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