About Us

Mr. Rebates

We’re Jacki and Brooklyn and we love to cook! Brooklyn and I began cooking together when she was close to 18 months old. It was a great way to teach her a life skill, expose her to different STEAM concepts and get dinner on the table. As an added bonus cooking has been a way to expose my formerly extremely picky eater her to foods and textures in a fun and different way.

In the world that is 2020, cooking is a great way to stay indoors, spend quality time with your kids and also get something [dinner or a healthy snack] checked off your list! These recipes are geared towards little kids with parental help because that’s the phase of life I’m personally in, but older kids could absolutely follow these videos and recipes by themselves.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I try to include activities to extend the recipe theme outside of the kitchen so you, moms and dads, have less “planning” to do. Please reach out if you need substitutions for allergies or ingredients, or just need some suggestions for getting your young child interested in cooking.

Be well,